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How to stop people stealing your joy,  will help you to not be defined by people's view of you.


When people first realise they are living their life based on other people's expectations, they dismiss it. But, it never goes away, our sub conciouss keeps bringing to our attention, that we are not on the right path.


How to stop people, stealing your joy, will provide you with strategies to re-program your responses to situations and help you to pursue your dreams.? It's the nudge you need for a better life, a life on your terms.

Finally, a book, with proven strategies that sets you on your own path to create the life that you want to live!

A book, that doesnt just offer rheteroic, but practical solutions from a CEO, with decades of expereince turnining around companies, living life on her terms, but it was not always this way, that's why she is dedicated to helping others.

Dr Clare, says, 'It took me decades to understand the importance of living a ‘life in flow’. She can show yoou how to do the same.

How to stop people stealing your joy will help you live in harmony for optimum health and wellbeing.

How To Stop People StealingYour Joy

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