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There has never been a course like this before!

It is packed with decades of practical experience of what works with Neuro Linguistic Programming and applying it to Business success. 

River Rapids

Ride the Rapids of Connection

Being a success in business requires you to be able to communicate, engage and connect with people. 

I can help you to understand how to build rapport quickly, win a proposal or make a sale, or negotiate an opportunity. 

When you see how easy it is and apply these techniques, you will wish you had these skills before. 

Bridge Over River


"IT was decades ago, that I leaned NLP Core Business and for me everything changed" Dr Clare Allen

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Beach Sand

I am excited to introduce you to a transformative opportunity that has the potential to change your life and career for the better. 


Neuro-linquistic programming, or (Natural Language Processing), has long been proven to personally build your confidence and communication skills, but when you learn to apply this to business it is revolutionary. 

Many people offer NLP, but very few offer NLP Core Business, this is because they would need decades of practice in leadership to know how to apply the techniques and translate them with ease to others. 

That's why this is a course you do not want to miss. 

White Sand and Stone

If I were 'younger Clare', I would definitely want this course added to my personal development 'to do' list.

I have put together key NLP techniques that I have personally applied and perfected in business. 

Not many people can say that they have thrived as a CEO for over two decades, well I can and I can honestly say that NLP changed the way that I connect with others, negotiate better deals and sell concepts and ideas. 

It has taught me to market in a way that keeps getting results and I will show you how to apply a key NLP technique that will work, every time.

I guarantee that when you apply these techniques, and are committed to NLP practice, you will transform your career.

Rock in Sand
Graduation Caps

 I do ask that you understand that these techniques are very powerful and must be applied ethically and under no circumstances should they be used to manipulate others. 

I really want people to use these techniques for the greater good, because life is too short to get fixated on something without a purpose. 

NLP core business is about relationships of mutual benefit and understanding, with the goal of building connections. 

Through this course, you will build your confidence and start obtaining ‘real and tangible results’.

Being an effective communicator is the key to life and business success, everyone knows this, you know this! 

When people (you) realise it is about perfecting the skill, you will grow from strength to strength. 

Perhaps you have felt that there's untapped potential within you waiting to be unleashed? 

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Person Looking at the Mirror

Are you looking to enhance your communication skills, boost your self-confidence, increase sales, become a stronger negotiator, and achieve your personal and professional goals with proven techniques.


I can help you, in fact I want to help you, let's call it, 'passing the baton on'. 

In fact, I think this course should be mandatory, for people in business. 

As a CEO, I can observe daily, how effective communication and the ability to negotiate makes or breaks a career. 

NLP is a powerful approach to personal development and communication that has been widely recognized for its ability to create positive, lasting change.

Blue Curved Tubes

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to:

1. Enhance Communication: Learn how to communicate more effectively, build rapport effortlessly, and influence others positively.

2. Boost Self-Confidence: Develop unshakable self-confidence and self-esteem that will empower you in every aspect of your life.

3. Achieve Your Goals: Use NLP techniques to set and achieve your personal and professional goals faster and with greater ease.

4. Increase your Brokering Skills: Learn how to increase sales and negotiate for maximum effect.

5. Be a Great Story Teller: Learn how to tell powerful stories that engage people and make them want to know you and more of what you are offering.

6. Enhance your Marketing Skills: Learn how to market with a secret NLP technique.

White Waves

Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your life, enhance your communication skills, and achieve the success you've always dreamed of. 

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