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"Belief in yourself, is something people talk about as a KEY ingredient in achieving success and the TRUTH is that it takes daily practice, until you develop a mindset that can and will embrace success"
~Dr Clare Allen


Dr Clare, has held some significant CEO roles and has achieved great success as a leader, although she will say, 'it is the difference she makes in people's lives, that counts'. She has a Masters of Business Leadership, a Doctorate of Business and the rare combination of a Masters of Metaphysics.

Dr Clare, is a self help author, and has held CEO roles for over 25 years coached hundreds of people and still keeps imparting her wisdom, so that others can grow and develop to be the best version of themselves.

Whist, she is an introvert, she can command an audience, because she is direct and communicates in a way that is tapped into the audience. She believes this is because she is tuned into a higher force of divine power. 


Dr Clare's Philosophy

~If you don't know who you are, then no-one will know who you are either.

~Everyone is born with gifts and talents and when they are embraced, then anything is possible. 

~By building a solid belief system, you will create MOMENTUM and this will lead to your heart's desires.


Why read her books?

Dr Clare, writes from divine inspiration and each book has been forged in deep experience and spirituality. She will say, "I never intended to write books, I am just being obedient to my calling". 

She says...

Sacred Heart, was written after I almost died in hospital and I would wake up at 5AM, as well as being a CEO to write it, because I felt God wanted me to share the message after I survived my ordeal".

Wings of Purpose, is based on me waking up from a dream and drawing the characters in the book and then being channelled to write around the characters quickly and effortlessly to create a story around a journey of leadership discovery, friendship and life choices.

How to Stop People Stealing Your Joy, was written after coaching people and seeing that they were trapped by other people's expectations of them and I really wanted them to experience freedom.


Why join her courses?

From time to time, Dr Clare will offer courses and programs that she feels people need at this moment in time.

They are designed to help people:

~Build their confidence and belief in self.

~Learn key leadership skills and insights.

~Provide tools to enhance people's abilities and skills.

~Help people find their truth.

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