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Are you the Creative Director of your LIFE?

Firstly, to receive and live a life in joy, we have to be the creator of our own lives and take on this position with the knowledge, that we know what is best for us.

Are you the creative director of your life?

If you were to assume this position, what would you start to create? From my personal experience, I can say that many years ago, I was in a big rut and I was very unhappy - I made some bad decisions and I was struggling to escape from them. I kept asking the Universe to fix it and nothing was changing. Perhaps you feel the same. So why doesn’t the universe just fix things?

This is going to sound hard to you - but I am here to tell you that the universe does not respond to ‘woe is me!’.

When we complain and nag the universe, we get more back of what we are complaining about.

The biggest change for me came when I realized that I needed to co- create with the universe my new world, the one that would make me feel joy again.

If we have created a world that makes us unhappy, then instead of complaining we need re-create a new world that does make us happy.

We need to become the creative director of our lives.

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