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Are you connecting with your super power?

Do you understand the power of frequency?

Leading with conviction, is about desiring to change things for the better. This comes from a place that is called the Shen, or as the Chinese say, our spirit.

When we truly examine what is important in life, it is true human connection and the ability to tap into our superhuman sub conscious mind. In this higher place of consciousness, we can tap into a flow of intelligence, that will create opportunities, so astounding that the only thing that can stop the flow of this brilliance, is out lower-level consciousness, or our low-level frequency, which becomes stronger with negativity.

Our higher super consciousness gets stronger, when we move away from distraction, and focus on a collective stream of frequencies that illuminate a new way of thinking and being. A person who stands alone, is alone, but through collective positive consciousness, they can be a powerhouse for positive change.

The whole world is made up of frequencies, so which wave will you connect to?

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